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What's a Tophoglyph?

Tophoglyphs are one-of-a-kind art works based upon your name or word of choice. They include all of the letters of a specific message connected to one another creating an infinite loop. They are inspired by combining monograms and sigils. A sigil (from Latin sigillum "seal") is a symbol used as a symbolic representation of a desired outcome or intention. Is there a special word you'd like to focus on and empower?

Tophoglyphs are currently available to order as custom paintings on 2"x2" canvas or as smaller drawings on freestanding paper included as complimentary gifts on select items. The paintings are perfect as gifts, altar pieces and can be hung on the wall. Combine your name with someone special to you - it's up to you! 

Samples below of "Equal", "Create" and "Pumpkin".


topher.sipes-tophographics-word.illustration-sample1.jpg topher.sipes-tophographics-word.illustration-sample4.jpg